Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I purchase tickets?

    Due to the risk of counterfeit tickets, we recommend you only purchase your tickets directly from the source. You can go to and click under the “Purchase Tickets” tab to purchase tickets. We advise you to purchase your tickets sooner rather than later due to the limited availability of most ticket packages.

Where is the convention located?

    ForeverCon: Event for Fans of The Twilight Saga is being held in sunny Orlando, Florida, at the Rosen Centre Hotel directly on International Drive. The Rosen Centre is near both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios - making it the perfect destination resort! There are plenty of restaurants nearby, or you can choose to dine at the Rosen Centre. They have several amazing restaurants inside their hotel, catering to all taste pallets and budgets.

How do I redeem my tickets?

    Tickets are redeemed on your first attendance day. When you purchase your tickets via our website, you will be emailed a confirmation. You need to print this out to redeem your tickets at the event. It is recommended you show up first thing in the morning (refer to the schedule for opening times). Ticket purchaser must be in attendance with a government-issued ID matching the name of the purchaser to redeem your tickets. If you choose to do a payment plan with us, we will email you details on how to redeem your tickets at the event within the installment plan outline.


Can I transfer my tickets if I cannot go?

    Yes, tickets are transferable, but ForeverCon must know in advance (PRIOR TO THE CONVENTION) of this change. Original ticket purchaser must email of this name change with the email he/she originally used to purchase tickets. Information within the email must include the new ticket holder's first/last name, address, and email address. After this name change is made, the original ticket holder will NOT have access to these tickets. This process cannot be reversed.

What happens if a celebrity guest cannot show up?

    Cancellations are not something we expect much of. However, sometimes specific circumstances result in unavoidable cancellations on the celebrity's end. In the event of a celebrity cancellation, ForeverCon will still go on as planned. We purposefully book a full lineup so that you will always receive an amazing experience, even if a guest cancels. Tickets purchased for the specific celebrity (photo ops, autographs, and meet & greets) will be refunded in the form of "Forever Cash". This credit can be used on any ticket, experience, and/or merchandise items that are available for sale on the website.


Can I get a photo with the stars while they sign my autograph or while I wait in line for autographs and photo ops?

    We do ask that all cameras and phones be put away during autograph signings. Autographs are a time for you to meet your favorite celebrities and have a keepsake personalized just for you. There will be plenty of moments to document the memories via picture-taking, but let's make a beautiful mental memory out of this!

Can I bring my own item to be signed by the actors?

    Yes, we do allow you to have your personal items signed as long as they are appropriate and within the celebrity's comfort zone. Each item brought from home will need to be approved by an ForeverCon black shirt team member. One autograph ticket equals one signature on one item of your choosing. There will also be items such as high quality posters, professional 8x10 photos of the celebrity guests, and more for sale at the ForeverCon vendor table at the event. If you have questions about a specific item that you wish to bring, you should email

Do I get a free hard-copy of my picture if I buy a photo op ticket?

    Yes, every photo op ticket you purchase will include one hard-copy photo of you and the celebrity guest(s). Any additional prints are available for sale, along with a JPEG copy emailed straight to you so you can treasure the memory digitally forever and share your ForeverCon experiences with friends and family. They also look amazing as profile pictures. If you would like to purchase additional prints or JPEGs, please do so at the ticket sales booth or FC vendor table.


Will my photo op be ready by the time the stars sign autographs?

    Photos are printed directly after the photo opportunity session ends. Unfortunately, due to scheduling, along with the number of photos to print, we cannot absolutely guarantee any photo in your hand by the time autograph sessions begin. The best way to go about handling this would be to have your photo taken on the first day the celebrity guest attends and have him/her sign the photo the following day. This will usually work as long as the schedule permits.

Can I move out of my seat to sit in another closer to the stage during panels if the seats in front of me are empty?

    ForeverCon does not allow sitting in seats that are not reserved for you. Each chair is numbered, so there should be no confusion on which chair is yours. Even if the seat in front of you is empty, this does not mean the attendee is not attending the event. Oftentimes, attendees will take a short break to grab something to eat, use the restroom, or shop the vendors' room, and we do not want them to feel stressed when arriving back into the theater because their seats have been taken. Please be courteous and respectful of others as they have paid for the seat they are in.

Is alcohol allowed at this event?

    The Rosen Centre Hotel provides alcohol for purchase to all guests ages 21+. If you personally choose to consume alcohol during the ForeverCon event, we do ask you be respectful in doing so. ForeverCon, along with Digital Volumes Productions LLC., holds no responsibility over you if you become intoxicated. Any obnoxious or intoxicated-like behavior will not be tolerated. If you are incoherent or not abiding by the rules, you will be asked to leave ForeverCon for the duration of the event with NO REFUND.

Will you have security at the event?

    Yes, the Rosen Centre Hotel will be providing us with a professional security team. If you have any personal issues that you need handled by security, please feel free to speak to them. They are here for you.

Who do I ask for help at the event?

    All FC team members are trained to help you in certain situations, but depending on the issue at hand, you might be referred to what we call a "Black Shirt" . Black shirt team members are able to help you with special accommodations, along with assist you in resolving any potential conflict that may arise during the event. In the rare occurrence of a situation escalating / getting out of hand, law enforcement will be contacted.

What are my photos used for?

     The purchase of a ForeverCon ticket gives ForeverCon, Digital Volumes Productions LLC., the right to use your image and likeness during the event for future promotional content, social media marketing, and in other necessary situations.

Why Twilight?

     The Twilight Saga started as a book series and was later turned into an amazing movie series which captured hearts around the world. Whether you were Team Edward, Team Jacob, or even Team Switzerland, you fell in love with these characters in this beautiful world Stephenie Meyer created. There is currently no ongoing Twilight convention event as of right now. ForeverCon is your number one source for all things Twilight in a safe and comfortable environment. This is a fantastic way for fans to meet up and rehash their love for this series that will always remain in our hearts.

How can I contact ForeverCon if I have any questions?

    You can message the ForeverCon Facebook page, or you can email for any questions, comments, or inquiries.