Payment Plan

ForeverCon is known for accommodating attendees to the best of our ability. It is completely understandable that some individuals cannot purchase all of their tickets at one time. No one should be forced to pick and choose what they participate in when it comes to fan events. You deserve to receive exactly what you want - the full experience. For a small start-up fee of $12, you can lock-in your chosen tickets and experiences at a fraction of the cost per month.


By offering payment plans, ForeverCon is giving YOU the power to afford all of the experiences you'd like to participate in. Payment plans are not commonly done with fan events and conventions, but ForeverCon offers payment plans which do NOT carry interest. Instead of simply saying we care about you, this is our way of showing you as well. We want your time with ForeverCon, during the event and before / after the event, to be pleasant and easy. Believe us when we say we've got your back!


Perks of a Payment Plan:

  • Ability to pay-off your tickets and packages at a slower pace.
  • Reserve your tickets before they sell out. Starting a plan ensures the tickets you choose are locked-in and held for you.
  • Payment plan installments send out on the third (3rd) of every month.



  • All payment plans require a $12 startup fee.

  • Down payment must be at least $100 to start a payment plan. This is NOT including your startup fee. This down payment will secure all tickets you add to your plan. Any tickets added in the future will require an additional deposit. The amount is based on which tickets you add. Any new ticket additions to a current plan should be done through

  • Installment amounts must always be a minimum of $100 a month.

  • Payment plans must have a minimum total of $200.

  • You can choose to pay off your plan at anytime. 

  • You must fulfill your total agreement to receive the tickets you have set aside. Failure to fulfill the total agreement will result in your plan being voided and no tickets received.

  • Accounts are charged on dates provided to you by ForeverCon prior to the plan starting. You are responsible for your account. If your invoice is unpaid, and you fail to contact ForeverCon, it will be an additional $10 fee per late day. After two (2) days, your plan will be cancelled and all tickets will be void.

  • All plans must be paid-off on, or before, October 1, 2020.

Payment Plan

  • All purchases are final – no exchanges or refunds unless issued by FOREVERCON under specific circumstances. Once a plan is started, it cannot be cancelled.

  • *ForeverCon's Payment Plans are not labeled as a one-size-fits-all offer. If you have any special requests, needs, or specific questions regarding payment plans, please include this in your notes during checkout. You may also send a separate email to with the Subject as "Payment Plan"